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About Wild Orange

Orange oil comes from the cells within the rind of an orange fruit. It is obtained by pressing the peel and is often made as a byproduct of orange juice production. One of the benefits of wild orange oil is that it can be made in an eco friendly way. When oranges are used to make fruit you the rind is often discarded. Instead of throwing the peel away, it can be used instead to make essential oils. You can even make your own orange oil at home by saving old peels and boiling them.

Orange Blossom

Orange oil has been used for centuries in Asia for a number of reasons. Sweet oranges were first discussed in Chinese literature roughly 300 years before common era. Most of the oranges that we now have come from species that originated in China. However, citrus plants are now grown all over the world including in the united states. Orange oil is closely related to other citrus plants like grapefruit, lemons, and limes.

There are many varieties of oranges that can be used to make orange essential oil. Some of these varieties include sweet orange, blood orange, bitter orange, and wild orange. Sweet orange is among one of the least expensive essential oils because it is so common. Exactly as the name implies it has a slightly sweeter smell then some other orange oils. Blood orange is a variation of sweet orange but has a slightly more tart smell. Bitter orange smells like a cross between sweet orange oil and the tang of grapefruit oil. Finally, wild orange oil has an intense aroma, tend to be the most calming, and smells incredibly smooth.

Wild Orange Essential Oil Uses

Orange oil can in many different ways. It is often used aromatically because of the pleasing scent. It is also used for cleaning, increasing energy, reducing stress, immune health, and improving complexion.


Orange oil is incredibly beneficial for cleaning. All citrus oils make great cleaning supplies because of their ability to clean off sticky residues. Orange oil is no exception, you can use it to remove the sticky left overs of oil or sticker gunk. Orange oil can also be used to polish wood without damaging it.


Many people find the scent of wild orange oil up lifting. You can use essential oil in order to increase your energy level and mood. Orange oil can be invigorating so you might want to use it in the morning or throughout your day. Unlike other uplifting oils, it is ok to use orange at night as well. It will not make it difficult to sleep because orange oil is known to reduce stress.

Wild Orange Essential OilStress

There is clinical evidence to suggest that when people use orange oil they feel less depressed. If you are struggling with school or work stress you might want to try using orange oil. It can help you feel more relaxed and while still keeping you energized. This makes it especially attractive for using it with children who have a hard time sitting still. Rather than using something that might make them drowsy, orange oil might be able to reduce stress while keeping them awake.


Orange oil might help you during cold season. It is believed that orange oil and other citrus products might help protect you against getting sick. What is great about orange oil, as opposed to other vitamin c products, is that your body can actually process it because it is all natural. Keep yourself healthy by using a few drops of wild orange oil.


The antiseptic qualities of orange oil make it helpful for people who are struggling with acne. It might also help reduce dark spots and other problems with pigmentation. Some people use orange oil on cold sores or skin rashes in order to help them clear up more quickly. If you are looking for radiant clear skin you might want to try using orange oil.

How to Use Wild Orange Oil

There are three different ways to use orange oil, take it internally, use it topically, or diffuse it aromatically. If you are hoping to use orange oil for cleaning you can easily make at home cleaning products. Orange oil is a powerful cleaner so you don’t need to use too much of it. You can add a 10-15 drops of orange oil, a few table spoons of fractionated coconut oil, and water to a spray bottle in order to make a counter and wood cleaner.

To get the energizing and stress reducing benefits of orange oil you can use it topically or aromatically. You can put 5-7 drops of oil in a diffuser and leave it somewhere that will make your room smell amazing and give you a pick me up. You might also rub it on your pulse points in order to get the stress reducing effects. It can be helpful to put it somewhere on your body where you will be able to smell it, like behind your ears.

The best way to use orange oil for you skin is topically by making a dilution. You can create a facial spray by putting three drops and 4 oz of water into a small glass spray bottle. After you wash your face and before you moisturize you can spray your face with this mixture. You can also add orange oil to your face or body lotion.

Finally, you can get the immunity boost from wild orange oil by taking it internally. You can add a 1-3 drops to you water every morning in order to keep you healthy!

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