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About Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce is a type of coniferous evergreen in the pine family. Spruce essential oil is extracted from the needles of the tree, offering a grounding piny aroma. Spruce oil can be easily contaminated by gases and toxins when chainsaws and gas-run machinery is used to cut them down. It’s important to use spruce essential oil that is harvested sustainably and without toxins and chemicals.

The indigenous peoples in the Americas and Europe have used spruce for many things for thousands of years. It most commonly is used to help with respiration and arthritic conditions. It also has a history of use as an insect repellent, with many people rubbing resin or oil on their skin to protect themselves from biting bugs. The type of spruce most often used in essential oils is Black Spruce, but there are some other types that are used across the world.

spruce treeSpruce Essential Oil Uses

Spruce has many benefits, largely associated with internal use. However, spruce can be used topically if you make an essential oil dilution and as a cleaner! Here are some of our favorite uses of spruce essential oil.

Joint Pain

Spruce can be used to help treat a lot of different kinds of pain, but especially joint pain. It has been used by centuries to help treat sore knees, arms, and hips. It is a great essential oil for arthritis, as it helps relieve inflammation and soreness in joints. Spruce supplies energy and health to your joints, and can be applied topically or taken internally to help with symptoms of arthritis.


Spruce oil has a long history of use in helping the lungs and respiratory system. Spruce essential oil is an analgesic and can help ease pain in the lungs and throat when you have a cough. It also an expectorant which can help things like asthma and bronchitis, especially when they are acting up. You can take a few drops of spruce essential oil with your water or tea, or apply directly to the chest.

Immune System Benefits

Spruce can help safeguard your respiratory tract, which can protect you from airborne diseases. It also helps support the immune system by supporting healthy cell function. Finally, spruce oil is an effective antifungal which can help prevent fungi from developing or maturing in the body. You can check out our list of 5 Essential Oils to Boost Immunity for more recommendations on taking care of your immune system!

Stress and Anxiety

Spruce essential oil can be incredibly beneficial in working with stress and anxiety as well. It can be a great oil to use for meditation, and can also help us fall asleep. Many people find spruce to be grounding and stabilizing, and it can be useful to use throughout your day to bring yourself back to your body. You can diffuse it in your workspace or apply it to the reflex points on the body. You can also put a few drops of spruce oil in your favorite diffuser necklace to carry the grounding and calming effects with your during your day.

Cleaning and Purifying

Because spruce is a powerful antifungal, it can be quite effective as a cleaner. In fact, spruce oil and resin is used or replicated in many commercial cleaners. A few drops of spruce oil in your cleaner can make a big difference, and can leave your home with a grounding and peaceful aroma!


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