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doTERRA Balance is a special grounding blend. It promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body. It is one of our personal favorites, and we use it daily. It has a calming, woody, and warm aroma. The blend creates a real earthy, calming scent that works well for a variety of experiences. doTERRA Balance contains:

    • Spruce Leaf
    • Ho wood Leaf
    • Frankincense Resin
    • Blue Tansy Flower
    • Blue Chamomile Flower
    • Osmanthus Flower
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

There are many other grounding blends out there, and we’ve used quite a few. Although we love most of the ones we’ve used, doTERRA Balance is one we return to over and over. It’s great in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and can help with many things. It’s definitely a go-to oil for us!

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doTERRA Balance Uses

The grounding blend has many uses, and you may investigate for yourself what is useful. With the variety of powerful essential oils, it can help us in many ways. Here are a few of our favorite uses for this grounding blend.


One of the main ways we use doTERRA Balance is for relaxation. This may include relieving some stress at the end of a long day at the gym doing our dumbbell deadlift, helping us relax and take it easy, and let go of worry. You can use doTERRA Balance to help relax the mind and body in a variety of situations. We use a drop in the bath at night, put some on our feet when going to bed, and to help relax during periods of meditation.

grounding blendAnxious Feelings

One of the grounding blend’s chief uses is to help ease anxious feelings. Especially with some regular use, doTERRA Balance has helped us to let go of worry and live with more ease. The calming and woody aroma can help the mind to stay free from overthinking and obsessing. With this blend, we can work with restlessness both mentally and physically.


doTERRRA Balance is one of the best essential oils for sleep. The grounding blend helps to promote feelings of relaxation and can help with experiences of insomnia and trouble sleeping. You may try diffusing Balance, or putting a few drops on the bottoms of the feet. You can also put some on the wrists, chest, or neck, and use it with some oil or lotion for a relaxing bedtime massage.

Mood and Emotional Balance

As the name suggests, Balance works well to regulate mood and emotion. Whether you find yourself experience emotional swings, falling into states of sadness, of wanting to calm down, the grounding blend can help bring you back to center. One of the best ways to do this is to diffuse doTERRA Balance in your room. Whether you’re working, going to sleep, or just hanging out, diffusing Balance can help center you and bring you the balance you need!


Finally, the grounding blend is a great oil to use for meditation. It can help us cultivate some ease and comfort in our meditation practice. We frequently use our oils by diffusing them when meditating, or by rubbing a few drops of Balance on the chest before sitting. The sweet woody smell is calming, and helps us to practice with a sense of stability and ease.

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Why Buy an Oil Blend?

Oil blends like Balance are a great way to go with essential oils. A blend is created through extensive testing, investigation, and experience. The Balance blend means you don’t have to find the perfect combination of oils to ground yourself. doTERRA has created this blend for you, and it is one of their most popular blends available. The blend combines different essential oils in the right amount to create an ideal mixture.

How to Use doTERRA Balance

This oil blend is safe to use on the skin, but you should always try it first before applying to sensitive areas. We recommend putting some of the oil on the feet to see how your skin and body respond. If there is an unpleasant reaction, you should probably steer clear of the oil! However, relatively few people have poor reactions to the Balance blend. You can apply it neat or dilute it with your favorite carrier oil. We recommend checking out our Guide to Diluting Essential Oils to learn more.

You can also diffuse the Balance blend, which we are doing constantly. We like to diffuse it in the afternoon and evening, especially after a long day. The blend can help bring us back to the present moment and settle down. The essential oils make this an ideal blend to use to calm down, focus, and get some rest.

You can also use some Balance in your bath. This is one of our favorite ways to utilize the powerful properties of this oil. Make sure first that you’re not sensitive to this oil, and drop a single drop into your bath water. This can help create a calming and grounding aroma, and the essential oils are great for the skin as well!

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