Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

A diffuser necklace or diffuser bracelet is a great way to bring your oils with you! Just place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the piece of jewelry and carry with you the calm, energy, motivation, or whatever you need in this moment! This is a great alternative to other forms of using essential oils, and an incredibly useful way to bring your oils with you. Rather than diluting essential oils and diffusing them into your room, you can keep your oils close to the body and heart by putting them in an essential oil diffuser necklace!

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How to Use a Diffuser Necklace

To use an essential oil diffuser necklace, all you need is your favorite oil or blend. We love using the Balance blend from doTERRA in our jewelry, but you can try whatever you need in the moment. Just put a few drops of the oil into the jewelry, and carry the piece with you during your day. Make sure you’re using an oil that your skin can handle!

You can put a few more drops in during the day as the oil dissipates, or change oils at different points during the day. In the morning, you may try an oil for energy, while you may want to switch to something relaxing at night like jasmine. Because the jewelry has different inserts, you can have an insert for nighttime and an insert for daytime.

Each diffuser necklace can be used, cleaned, and comes with replacement pieces! You can look through our selection of essential oil diffuser necklaces and bracelets below, and don’t forget to get some essential oils to go with your new necklace!

Diffuser Bracelets

Check out some of our favorite diffuser bracelets. There are many to choose from, so take a look and see what calls out to you!

lava rock diffuser bracelet
chakra diffuser bracelet
tree of life bracelet
mandala diffuser
Lotus diffuser bangle
om diffuser bracelet
gold diffuser bracelet
magnesite diffuser bracelet
lava and howlite bracelet
hamsa diffuser bracelets
third eye diffuser bracelet
Buddha Diffuser Bracelet

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Essential oil diffuser necklaces are a great way to carry your oils with you. These are our favorite diffuser necklaces. Try one today to bring your aromatherapy out with you on the go!

tree diffuser necklace
arrow diffuser necklaces
celtic diffuser necklace
diffuser necklace lava stone
stainless steel diffuser necklace
diffuser pendant
essential oils diffuser necklaces
esential oil diffuser jewelry
essential oil diffuser necklace